Former factory of Fytisa in Sabadell (BCN)


1841 J. Soler founded the first Spanish company devoted to the production of carding wool locks.

1946 Fytisa was established and initiated the manufacture of Felted Wool Fabrics.

1964 Fytisa started a division devoted to the production of Nonwoven Fabrics.

1980 The company was divided into two businesses:

- Production of synthetic Nonwoven Fabrics (PES, VISC...)
- Textil Olius – Production of Felted Wool Fabrics.

1999 Texfyt initiated operations in Brazil dedicated to the production and sale of Nonwoven Fabrics in South America.


Customer Satisfaction:
Our processes aim to satisfy our clients by meeting their expectations through our products and services.

Quality Management:
Our quality policies are examined and adapted to ensure compliance with market changes.

Human Resources:
Our team is the base of our organisation, fully committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and the accomplishment of our quality goals.

Employment Security and Environment:
Our activities are developed and aimed to respect the principles established in employment security and environment.

The company takes responsibility for the promotion of these commitments by fixing and revising the objectives and by providing the necessary resources to attain them. We believe this strategy to be key for the continuity of our company.


FYTISA Fábrica

Fieltros y Tejidos Industriales, S.L.
NonWovens Production Site
Pol. Industrial de Olius - C/Fonoll, 1
25286 OLIUS
Lleida - SPAIN
Telf: 97 348 40 60
FYTISA Central/Oficinas

Fieltros y Tejidos Industriales, S.L.
Head Office
c/Orient, 78-84 2» Planta 16-17 08172
Telf: 93 583 17 04
TEXFYT (Brasil) Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

C/Rua do Café, 800 –Jd. Pérola
– Santa Barbara d’Oeste